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Publicado: 16/10/2009 por Dário Estevão | O tamanho real é de 640 × 440 pixels

If only three were the limit!

It is one of the most familiar stories of the Gospels: boisterous Peter telling Jesus he would not stumble as a disciple and confidently stating, “Even if I have to die with You, I will not deny you.”

Oh, if we had such strength!

Jesus, however, warned Peter that he would, in fact, stumble by denying Him—three times to be exact—and this would happen before the rooster crowed. As predicted, after Jesus was arrested on the night before His death, He listened while three times Peter denied that he even knew Jesus.

It is human nature to commit to more than we can handle. We all fall short on some of our promises. Yet, Peter had another chance, an opportunity to redeem himself, and was eventually crucified upside down rather than deny his Savior again.

Will we continue to deny Him or use our second chance?

Luke 22:33-34, 54-62

  1. Negação

    Qual será o limite que você irá negar a Jesus? Somente 3x?

    Olha o Galo na mão de Pedro!

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