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Publicado: 16/10/2009 por Dário Estevão | O tamanho real é de 640 × 479 pixels

The future looks bright ahead.

Many of us have heard about this beautiful place called “Heaven,” but what do we really know? The Bible offers solid answers, painting a picture of life in Eternity and it does not include us sitting on clouds playing harps!

In a nutshell, the Biblical evidence points to an eternal life much like the physical ones we live now. In the “heaven life,” the trials and tribulations that cause fear, jealousy, hatred, sickness and death are replaced with love, joy, peace and abundance. It reveals a world where one works because they enjoy working, not for need of a paycheck; a place where the lion chases the lamb, simply because they are having fun. Got the picture?

I like to think of death this way, “The end of the road is not necessarily the end of the road.” We can continue down “the eternal life road” to a perfect world when we ask the Man at the roadblock to let us through. You will not want to take the detour.

John 14:2

  1. Fim da Estrada… Lá Jesus estará!!

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