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Publicado: 16/10/2009 por Dário Estevão | O tamanho real é de 640 × 419 pixels

Jesus’ unique plan for feeding the hungry.

On two occasions, Jesus performed miracles by feeding thousands of people with a limited amount of bread and fish. Leading up to one of these miracles, just after Jesus had completed teaching His followers, His disciples came to Him, suggesting that He send the crowds away so they could find food and lodging.

Instead, Jesus answered with a message that continues to echo throughout the world today, “You feed them.” Their answer: “But we have only five loaves of bread and two fish…” to that, most of us can add, nice homes, savings accounts and well-stocked pantries…or, as the disciples continued, “are you expecting us to go buy enough food for this whole crowd.” His answer to them, and likewise His answer to us, was simple, but adamant, “Yes, you feed them. I expect nothing less.”

Matthew 14:16

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